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As a school counselor, you play a crucial role in your students’ futures and we want to make it easy for you to inform them about the University of Arizona. Here are resources to help you guide the next generation of Arizona Wildcats.


Keep up-to-date with new information regarding admissions at the University of Arizona. Be sure to check back regularly for the latest updates.


Resources for Counselors

Check out these opportunities and resources that will help you inform prospective students about everything the University of Arizona has to offer.

Wildcats Say: Advice for
Choosing a College

Manhattan Beach, California
Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law (PPEL)
and Political Science Major

“You really have to go where you feel you would fit; not necessarily where you're expected to fit or where you feel you should fit, but essentially what feels like home.”

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Tianjin, China
German Studies and Industrial Engineering Major

“First of all, check out the weather of that town. That's a big thing, because the weather you need to deal with every day. … If you like the outdoors and sunshine, come to Arizona.”

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Atlanta, Georgia
Africana Studies Major

“Follow your heart. Look into logistics as well, such as your tuition and location and all that good stuff, but more than anything else, follow what you feel”

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